Introducing the Imperfect Edge Styler®

We've launched a more affordable alternative to the OG Edge Styler®! They say nothing's perfect, and while they might not be completely #perfect, they are still the aesthetic and functional upgrade to your edge styling regimen.

What makes these luxury edge brushes imperfect? 

There are two versions of the Imperfect Edge Styler®. Some of these non-conformist hair tools have *very* slight discoloration on the body of the edge brush. You'd probably never notice it. Or, the Edge Styler® itself is just fine, but it arrived at our warehouse in packaging that was completely damaged. A bummer, but it happens, and unfortunately, both cases are considered defective and are not sellable at the retail price.

Imperfect Edge Styler Blemish
How did they get damaged?

The story of how they got damaged is longwinded. Our inventory journey starts on a truck in China, going from the factory to a port. Then it transfers to a shipping container, where it makes the transnational journey to New Jersey. From there, it moves to our warehouse facility in Atlanta via truck, where it stays until our order fulfillment office gets low on inventory. Then finally, as needed, we have the merchandise shipped to our offices in NYC, where we fulfill the orders.

Instead of destroying these brushes, we're discounting them exclusively on! It's our way of reducing plastic waste while also making the Baby Tress Edge Styler® accessible to those who feel a $15 edge brush is too much.

How is the Imperfect Edge Styler better than a toothbrush for edges?

While toothbrushes are made with broad, soft brush heads that clean teeth, the Edge Styler® has a triangle-shaped brush/comb that creates smooth, even strokes through all textures of edges and flyaways each time. The Edge Styler's shape is also great for root touch-ups on color-treated hair or as an eyebrow brush that shapes and defines! We designed our original, patented edge brush for precisely laid baby hairs, brows, 360 waves, flyaways, & more.


If you're new to edge styling or upgrading your edge brush from a toothbrush, save some coins and purchase an Imperfect Edge Styler®. Already got a Baby Tress in your beauty stash? The Imperfect Edge Styler® is an excellent addition to your arsenal so that you have one available at all times.

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