The Essential 3-in-1 Edge Styler® Brush

Reimagining the Brush for Edges

The toothbrush used to be for baby hairs what the durag is to the 360 wave: a necessity for being fly. What they don’t have in common is thoughtful design. The tie-down cap (aka durag) was redesigned in the 1970s to simplify keeping styles fresh overnight, but for generations, we’ve continued using a toothbrush to lay edges. At Baby Tress, we knew it was time for the ritual of laying edges to also be lifted to its peak level of functionality, so we introduced the 3-in-1 Edge Styler® brush in 2018. We feel that our community deserves more than a toothbrush and that the culture of styling edges isn’t just about hair care - it’s about self-expression and legacy. The Edge Styler® exists to honor this legacy.

edge brush vs toothbrush

Multifunctional Design

At the heart of our design process for the Edge Styler® was stylish utility. When our team first came together to sketch what became our first beauty tool, we explored the technique of swooping and swirling in each of our hair routines. We asked ourselves:

  • How many tools were needed to perfect a style?
  • Could we bring those tools together in a way that would maximize both precision and aesthetics?
  • How much should it cost?

We also questioned what elevating our daily hair ritual would look like and how we could bring our collective vision to the beauty industry in a useful and socially-impacting way. The Edge Styler® is a truly innovative edge brush that combines design and functionality to give Black and Brown women a high-quality product for styling their baby hairs in an effortless way.

Set the Scene with the Comb Side

edge brush with comb

The Comb Side was designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’re natural, relaxed, wear wigs, or have locs, the comb side can simplify and elevate your hair routine.
Before you get to swooping, you can slick down your baby hairs with the Comb Side. This side is ideal for separating the edges from the hairline in preparation for defining your edges and creating a unique style. By using a bit of spritz, you can use this side to smooth flyaways and detangle. If you want to start locing your hair, this side’s got you too - use the comb to start backcombing small sections. If you wear wigs, this comb side is also perfect for blending frontals to create a natural hairline.

Why we use Natural Boar Bristles

Natural Boar Bristles are key for evenly distributing edge control gel, swooping, shaping, and laying edges (and beards!). Because these bristles mimic human hair, they have a natural taper that is less likely to irritate the scalp like bluntly cut synthetic or vegan bristles can. Also, the natural boar bristles on our edge tool can be softened with hot water

boar bristle edge brush


Get into the finishing touches without having to reach for a rat tail comb. Our flexible Pointed Tip was designed for gently detailing those finer, more independent strands. The pointed tip is also perfect for parting your hair for any style. Whether you want to get box braids or want a perfect middle part, this side will always leave you defined and keep everything precise.

Plus, it’s TSA friendly.

edge brush with rat tail

The only Triangle Edge Brush.

Our original, patented brush head was made for precision. While toothbrushes are made with wide flat brush heads for cleaning the surface of teeth, the Edge Styler® has a triangle or arrow shape that creates smooth even strokes through the hair each time. The pointed shape can be used for root touch-ups on color-treated hair or as an eyebrow brush that shapes and defines!

edge brush with pointed end

Oh, did we mention the Travel Cap?

When we decided to add a Travel Cap, the aim was to give users a way to keep the Edge Styler® clean. Chances are there’s a mini stash of beauty tools in your purse, make-up bag, gym bag, travel bag, or all of the above. With the Travel Cap, 3-in-1 functionality goes everywhere while staying free of purse debris. Check out the Twin Set to refresh each of your beauty stashes. 

edge brush on the go

Your Favorite Baby Hair Brush

Your edges deserve more than a toothbrush. The Baby Tress Edge Styler® is an innovative baby hair brush that is a celebration of where the culture of textured hair has been and where it will go.

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