How to Keep Edges Laid All Day

Anyone with kinky edges knows the struggle of laying them down and keeping them sleek all day. Even though we love to keep our coily edges natural and free, sometimes we also want a sleek swoop. Why not have it all? With the Baby Tress Edge Styler, we can feel like baby hair pros while keeping our thick hair edges healthy and full.

Read this tutorial to learn how to slay your natural 4C edges without perming or straightening them. But first, get your hair in it's desired style, like this slick bun.

  1. Start on Dry Hair

Our favorite tip for kinky edges is to start on dry hair. You don't want any oil or residue that may interfere with the gel's performance, and you'll want to use an edge control that you love and trust. Go for a product with a thick, pomade texture (think Let's Jam) and not for a wet, jelly-like texture (think Eco Styler).

thick 4c hair edges

  1. Use the Edge Styler + your fingers to shape

The shape of the Baby Tress Edge Styler makes it incredibly easy to control, angle, and direct your baby hair, so you can get the kind of swoops you want. 

Start by brushing the hairs down and back in sections, angling the brush slightly towards the hairline to create a beautiful swoop. Repeat around the hairline to your liking. You can try one long wave, or do multiple mini-swoops.

how to lay kinky 4c edges

  1. Natural Boar Bristles are a game-changer

This brush takes care of the hard work for you. It's much better than a toothbrush, which is usually too soft for 4c hair, and it's way better than the edge brushes from the beauty supply store because those are often way too harsh on the delicate vellus hairs that makeup the hairline. 

The Natural Boar Bristles on the Edge Styler, combined with the patented angled brush head, allow for precise shaping, making it incredibly easy to style your desired baby hair look without pulling them out. 

best edge brush for 4c edges

  1. Use an edge scarf for extra security

To secure your work, apply just a little extra edge control using the Pointed Tip, and follow up with a wrap strip or satin scarf. Doing this will ensure that even the kinkiest edges will last all day. 

triangle edge brush with rat tail

Let them sit under the scarf for 10 to 15 minutes, then carefully peel it off to reveal beautiful, swooped 4C edges that will hold all day.

satin edge control scarf

how to lay coily 4c edges