Scarf for Baby Hairs Edges

We're proud (and a little nervous tbh) to introduce the Edge Setting Scarf in Golden Peace - our very first merch drop! This small-batch, limited edition scarf is an ode to the story of edges through color and fabric. We set out to create a durable satin wrap that would set freshly laid baby hairs in place without frizz or lifting. One that would feel luxurious, have a multifunctional purpose, catch one's eye, and be a considerable jump up from the versions typically found in beauty supply stores.

In the design process, opting for a custom print design, then digitally printing it onto the fabric was a risk we didn't know we were taking. The easy route would have been to forgo the printing part of the process and make the scarf sans design, but we wanted to illustrate a story of light, water, and horizons through the custom print chosen. We were naive in the beginning because we thought simple innovations could be easy. Over a year later, we're finally able to share the Edge Setting Scarf with everyone.

Use a scarf to lay edges

What is the Edge Setting Scarf?

Like the durag for 360 waves, an edges scarf is a satin wrap that ensures a prolonged hold for freshly laid baby hairs, edges, and sideburns after styling.

Baby Tress Edge Setting Scarf

How to use the Edge Setting Scarf?

The Edge Setting Scarf prevents breakage and increases hold for styled edges. To use it:

  1. Use your Edge Styler® and edge gel product of choice to style your edges.
  2. Wrap your Edge Setting Scarf over your baby hairs by placing the center of the scarf over the center of your forehead, then pulling the tapered ends around to the back of the head.
  3. Tie the ends in the back of your head, or double wrap them back around to the front and tie them over your forehead for a more secure fit.
  4. Allow your baby hairs to dry under the scarf for about 15 minutes while you finish prepping your beauty look.
  5. Additionally, you can use your Edge Setting Scarf as a headband, hair tie, or quick and cute hair accessory.

Notes on Community

This scarf exists because of our community, who helped us launch something we'd never tried before. Our friends and mentors shared their extensive knowledge on textiles and fashion production, plugged us in with vendors, and cheered us on when it was time to get started. Thank you to Chantel Valentine, who created the initial tech-pack and worked along with us through the entire process of producing a textile item for the very first time. To Marie Jean-Baptiste, who connected us with our NYC-based designers and vendors. And to our NYC-based textile designer, fabric supplier, manufacturer, and package designers who gave the Edge Setting Scarf life.

If we could hand down any knowledge we gained from this process, we'd say to ask lots of questions throughout the process! When it's your first time doing anything, you will inevitably make mistakes - which is the best time to learn.

Scarf for Edges

How to Shop the Edge Setting Set

Click here to shop the Edge Setting Scarf Set, which comes with our limited edition Edge Setting Scarf in Golden Peace, and our original 3-in-1 Edge Styler®. & Thank you for supporting our small team of women of color.

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