Introducing the Lima Ripple Crown Headband

The Lima Rippled Crown is a limited-release collaboration between Baby Tress and Nin Studio. Local artisans handmade each piece in Mexico City using a heat press pleating technique. The fabric was sourced from small textile resellers in Mexico City that carry last rolls and deadstock fabrics. The environmental impact is a complex subject in fashion and textiles, always! However, in this case, we support small businesses in Mexico by purchasing an existing fabric and buying locally.

Lima Ripple Crown Headband

Ways to wear the Lima Rippled Crown Headband

Give the Lima Crown shape by scrunching and molding to form a halo headband that holds hair back. Or wrap it twice to wear as a scrunchie. You can style the crown by:

  1. Adding an attention-grabbing, citrus pop to your fits
  2. As a scrunchie
  3. As a headband to hold back hair during your skincare routine
  4. As a ruffled cuff necklace

Designing A Headpiece Inspired by International Connection

The Lima Crown is a collaboration that celebrates friendship.  The founders of Baby Tress met the founder of Nin Studio in Mexico City and instantly vibed.  By sharing the same values around well-made, intentional design, our beauty brand and their fashion brand came together in a conversation that led to a physical product. This crown represents cultural sharing and unity that anyone can wear in myriad ways.

We wanted to make a small run of bright and fun merch. The rippling pleats in the crown are reminiscent of edges, of course, but also the movement of wind over water. The punchy lima color is an homage to the vibrant color story on the streets and in the homes of CDMX. We spent time studying design and immersing ourselves in the language and culture of the country and couldn’t help but be moved by it. Below are some snapshots of our makeshift founders' retreat to CDMX in 2021.

Baby Tress Founders in Mexico City

At a home designed by the architect, Luis Barragán.

Poem by @ajomicropoetisa as seen in Casa Pedregal.

Translation: If it were me / I'd be with you / right here where I am.

A silhouette of the Edge Styler® on earthy waves.


Selfie at Casa Gilardi, another home designed by the Mexican architect, Luis Barragán.

Salsas on salsas!

Aspen wearing a Nin Studio set at Casa Pedregal.

Hannah by the reflective pool at Casa Pedregal that inspired the "Lima" of the Lima Crown.