Helmet Hair - A Guide to Defeating Flyaways at Comic Con

New York Comic Con was back after two years due to the Pandemic, and every nerd, including myself, was excited to be back. My first time attending New York Comic-Con and doing cosplay was back in 2015. My boyfriend and I went as Star-Lord and Gamora from The Guardians of the Galaxy, and we looked incredible as these characters. Ever since then, I have tried to one-up myself from the year before. I tested out different makeup techniques and made a few costume accessories. That first New York Comic Con is what got me interested in comic books.

Becoming the Pink Power Ranger

This year I chose to be the Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Hart. She is my favorite out of all the Power Rangers. I have an action figure of her where the head would flip from her face to the helmet. I used this action figure as a reference to make sure I was as true to the character as possible. Trying to decide on a hairstyle was the tricky part of planning out the look for me.

Kimberly usually has her hair in a half-up-half-down style when she's not wearing her helmet. I was planning on wearing the helmet a lot more than I was going to be holding it, so I wanted to make sure my hairstyle was functional and would hold its shape. I decided to go with a bun with two braids crossing the top of the hairline on my forehead. One braid even fell forward as the day went on, and honestly, I was a fan of the look.

Using the Baby Tress edge control brush was the best hair tool to use to achieve this look! Here's what I did:

A Flyaway-free Braided Updo Tutorial

  1. I used the fine point of the brush to section out behind each ear for my braids.
  2. Then I braided the two side sections and wrapped them around my head, using bobby pins to keep them in place.
  3. Then, I used the side with the boar bristles to slick back the flyaways on my hairline and back of my hair. 
  4. I also used the tool for getting a smokey cat eye by using the pointed end of the brush at an angle as I applied my eye shadow. Way easier than using scotch tape!

I wasn't too focused on my hair looking perfectly slick since I knew the helmet would cover it. This imperfect hairstyle helped give the appearance of looking as if I was coming from a battle with space invaders. I love how multi-use the Edge Styler can be; it's way more than a basic edge control brush.

Pink Power Ranger Cosplay