Iconic 90s Hairstyles by the “It Boys” of the Decade

We're taking a look back at the cultural and social impact of 90s male hair icons: Think Ginuwine, Dennis Rodman, Sisqo, Snoop Dogg, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Aside from dominating their fields as athletes, musicians and actors, these icons also left their mark on 90s culture and had an unforgettable impact on the expression of style and beauty throughout the decade.

Each a unique trailblazer in their own right, their bold hairstyles and daring fashion statements set them apart on red carpets, courts and sets. From Sisqo's silver hair to Dennis Rodman's chameleonic style, Snoop Dogg's iconic braids to the Fresh Prince’s high top fade, they paved the way for men's hair trends in the 90s. And with the contemporary return of 90s and Y2K style, we’re being reminded of their enduring influence on today’s runways and high streets.

In a time before it was as common to challenge the conventions of masculinity on a global stage, their courage in pushing the boundaries and proudly embracing their individuality inspired men everywhere to be more experimental, more defiant, more themselves.

As creators of modern hair tools rooted in legacy, Baby Tress was created to continue the legacy of icons like these, to honor the communities that raised them, and those that paved the way - some are celebrities, some salon owners, and others, mothers laying their daughters’ edges on a Sunday.

We're proud to pay tribute to these iconic men and their contributions to the culture. Check out some of their most memorable hair moments:


Known for styling his edges.



Known for his experimental, colorfully dyed hair.




Known for his silver hair.



Known for his signature ponytail braids, among other styles.

snoop dogg snoop dogg snoop dogg


Known for his high top fade.

fresh prince fresh prince fresh prince