How to Crown Your Afros, Braids, and Updo's

Versatile hair accessories that help squeeze an extra day (or seven) out of my braid-out afro and protective styles are always crucial for me, making the Lima Ripple Crown Headband a must. Whether it’s peeking out of an updo, used as a scrunchie, or worn as a halo, the Lima Crown headband adds a textured and vibrant punch every time. Its ripples also make it easy to mold into my preferred shape, giving a new look to each style.

Wearing the Lima Crown as A Halo Headband

One of my favorite ways to wear it is in halo form for a bold statement. When wearing the crown flat and tall, its fanned ripples are a conversation starter that gives me a royal air. In braids, twists, or an afro, I often face-frame by leaving some sections of hair out around my face. But in other styles, I love extravagant Edge-Styler-swirled baby hairs. If I’m wearing it out entirely, no one can tell me I’m not Beyonce. 

crown headband styling

Wearing the Crown with an Afro

The crown is also great as a scrunched headband for my fro or around my puff for a vibrant pop of color. The scrunched look is a subtle option for anyone who might feel shy to start with the full halo. Usually, I like to leave a bit of hair out in front of the headband here to act as a bang unless I’m going for a slicked-back puff. It’s easy to fluff and mold, making hair styling for an errand run or a three-hour flight super quick. 

headbands for afro textured hair

A Versatile Scrunchie Headband Thats Perfect for Travel

While the crown was born in the Mexico City heat, its way of accenting a look in any season is clear. Hoodie weather in New York or with the palm trees of the Dominican Republic, the crown has the assignment fully understood. As a chronic over-packer, no matter where I’m going, I love taking the Lima Crown on vacation, knowing I’ll be able to create multiple looks using one multi-purpose hair accessory. On my most recent trip, I realized how much I reached for it after arriving with a fro and then going into a protective style. With a quick style change, the Lima Crown went from a headband and poof-tamer to a scrunchie and so much more.

best headbands for braids and twists

stylish scrunchie for braids and textured hair

Adding Baby Hairs to Complete the Look

With the crown to assist, I always complete the look with the Edge Styler. This triangular edge brush is a vacation beauty necessity. This multifaceted beauty tool is for anything hair related:

  • Swooping edges
  • Creating and slicking parts of a protective style
  • Combing up my brows

To sum it all up, wherever I go, the Edge Styler and Lima Crown Headband are heading out too!

edge brush for braids and twists