The Tools North West Uses to Lay Her Baby Hairs

With her expressive personality, sped-up Tik Tok video style, and now curly hair content, nine-year-old North West has rapidly become everyone’s favorite TikTok creator. In a recent video, North graced the internet with a sleek, low ponytail tutorial, styling her baby tresses with none other than our Edge Styler!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • North starts off her tutorial with conditioned and slightly damp hair before applying and combing through a texturizing spray in hopes of a voluminous pony.
  • She then creates a curved side part, which can be achieved with the Edge Styler, followed by a generous amount of gel combed through her curls to help maintain the wet look.

  • After working the gel throughout, she adds a few sprays of what seems to be a leave-in conditioner and water mix to ensure her hair stays hydrated.
  • North continues by stepping away from constructing the ponytail to prep for what we consider our favorite part; you guessed it, the edges!

  • To prepare her edges, North first uses a no-crease clip to keep her hair out of the way.
  • She follows this by adding another swipe of gel directly on her baby hairs, coating them to ensure they stay separated from the rest of her hair.
  • With an assist from her mom, who brushes and smooths her hair back, North achieves a slick down, low ponytail before putting the finishing touches on the style.

  • For her quick tutorial finale, she begins by using the brush side of the Edge Styler to lay her edges down, then swoop them over.
  • Lastly, and for the style’s cherry on top, North uses the same side of our versatile styling tool to line the bottom of her edges together, creating a uniform and complete look all around.

Along with this step-by-step breakdown on how to achieve the North West ponytail and edges, make sure to check the list below for all other products used:

  1. Baby Tress Edge Styler ($15 from Baby Tress)
  2. Eco Style Professional Styling Gel ($6.00 from Girl Cave LA)
  3. Unite Seven Seconds Detangler ($32.50 from Unite)
  4. Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray ($49 from Nordstrom)
  5. TIGI Bed Head Headrush Spray ($19.99 from Ulta)
  6. Mist Spray Bottle ($11 from Vibyy)
  7. Creaseless Hair Clips ($10 from Target)