How to Slick Back Coily Edges into a Low Bun

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If I had to describe my hair journey in three words, it would be “slick back buns.” The slick bun is a style that I’ve remained loyal to for as long as I can remember, and the chances of my loyalty wavering are pretty slim. Between the ages of 9 and 22, I wore chemically straightened hair with the green Olive Oil relaxer box. And even when my hair was bone straight from root to tip, I managed to style it in a bun of some sort.

Fast forward, and I am now in the process of transitioning back to my natural hair. With no plans of doing a big chop, the slick bun is the only manageable hairstyle at the moment. While the process now requires a bit more time in front of the mirror and thicker scoops of gel, I can finally say that I have mastered the art of slicking down my coily edges. Adopt a foolproof method for achieving this signature hairstyle with the tutorial below.

Recommended products:

  • Your Edge Styler®
  • Edge Setting Scarf
  • Spray bottle
  • Gel and pomade
  • Hair ties

Step 1

Start with wet, freshly washed hair. If you are working with second-day hair, use a spray bottle to dampen your strands. Take a detangling brush or your fingers and comb through any bumps.

Pro tip: Apply a leave-in conditioner or spritz for added moisture.

4c Coily edges

Step 2

Decide where you would like to part your hair or if you even want a part at all. Once you have parted your hair, begin smoothing your hair down and back in the direction you would like your bun to go.
Pro tip: If you have difficulties flattening your hair during this step, you can divide your hair into two sections at the top and bottom and apply products to each area.

Edge styler to part hair

Step 3

Apply your gel or pomade of choice and flatten your hair using the palm of your hand. Grab a bristle brush and follow each stroke with the palm of your hand, smoothing as you go.

 slick down 4c hair into bun

Step 4

Hold your hair in the position you would like your bun to sit and brush through any lumps before securing it with a hair tie.

Pro tip: If your hair is on the thicker side, you can use two hair ties for extra hold.

4c slick bun

Step 5

After securing your ponytail, add the edge control or pomade of choice to your edges and face-framing pieces. Use the bristle side of your Edge Styler® to smooth down any flyaways or frizz. Here's where you can get really artsy with swooped, 4c edges that hold all day.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to grip the shorter pieces behind your ears and secure them in place with bobby pins.

edge styler for 4c edges

Step 6

Using the Edge Setting Scarf once your hair is slicked down (and your edges are laid), set your coily baby hairs in place by double tying the scarf around your hairline and allowing it to set. Feel free to keep the scarf on for as long as you need or reuse it as an accessory!

edge scarf for 4c edges