The Satin Chignon: A Guide to Styling a Scarf Bun

A satin hair scarf is one of those beauty products rarely seen outside of a beauty prep situation. But in making the Edge Setting Scarf, we knew it needed to be beautiful, wearable, and genuinely functional.

How is the Edge Setting Scarf different from a beauty supply edge scarf?

Of course, the Edge Setting scarf sets freshly laid baby hairs in place, but it's also an accessory and a look all its own. The luxe, stretch charmeuse fabric gives it a universal fit, making the Edge Setting Scarf ideal as a headband or upgrading what would otherwise be a simple bun. While the tapered ends keep the ends tucked securely during wear. And with the limited edition, dual-sided print, it has a flowy vibe that you'd actually wanna include in your fit pics.

How to Style a Scarf Bun Tutorial

How to Tie a Satin Scarf Bun

Before it launched, we shared our new scarf with our friend and hair tool aficionado Mickiela of @mmsmithco, who immediately had a vision for a collab. And who better than her to take a simple scarf and create something different and wearable! The result was sleek, understated, and effortless-looking. We captured the process on film at our newly renovated studio in NYC, with Akili King as our muse.

Scroll down for the details on these two scarf bun tutorials, where Mickiela uses our Edge Styler and Edge Setting Scarf to create an elegant, tight coif and a rock-a-stack piled bun, both of which add a funky pop to any hair texture. 

Setting the Foundation for a Scarf Bun

  1. Place your hair in the desired ponytail position, then braid the ponytail all the way down, setting the foundation for a tightly coiled bun. 
  2. After your ponytail is set, sculpt and frame your signature designs along the hairline. These can be swirly sideburns, swooped temples, or super simple and straight back.  Swooped Edges Sideburns
  3. After baby hair styling, set the sculpted hairs with your Edge Setting Scarf until the desired product is dry.Baby Tress Edge Setting Scarf
  4. Remove your Edge Setting Scarf from the hairline. Now you're ready to pick your bun style.

Styling the Rock-A-Stack Scarf Bun

Baby tress edge scarf bun tutorial
  1. Starting at the ponytail base, cross and wrap the scarf back and forth down the ponytail length. Flip the scarf to show both sides of the flowy pattern, if you so choose.Baby Tress edge scarf bun tutorial
  2. Next, twist the scarf ponytail up and around the base to create a very elevated chignon. The shape is moldable here, so you can make the scarf as long or as compact as you'd prefer.
  3. Tuck and pin the tapered ends to secure the bun.Baby Tress Edge scarf bun tutorial

Styling an Asymmetric Scarf Bun 

  1. Starting at the base of the ponytail, twist the scarf ends into a tight, rope-like position.How to Style a Scarf Bun Tutorial
  2. Holding the end, twist the scarf rope in one direction to create a spiraling bun.How to Style a Scarf Bun Tutorial
  3. Tuck and pin the tapered ends to secure the bun or leave a bit of them out for flare.How to Style a Scarf Bun Tutorial
  4. Use the Pointed Tip of your Edge Styler to touch up any loose hairs around your bun.
  5. Add any final finishes or touch-ups with the Natural Boar Bristles and lightly mist your hair with your favorite hairspray to set the entire look.How to Style a Scarf Bun Tutorial

For more tutorials from Mickiela, head to MMSMITH.CO - a digital platform that uses a wellness-consciousness approach to emphasize using the right tools for textured hair. Use her code MMSMITHCO20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase of the Edge Setting Set, which includes an Edge Setting Scarf and an Edge Styler.