In collaboration with J. Hannah

How the Collab Came to Be

This past fall, we were approached by our friends at J. Hannah to join our creative forces in a winter visual project. We love J. Hannah because, in addition to their impeccable eye for thoughtful details, they stand for a timeless beauty that marries the contemporary and the classic. Just like the Edge Styler® was designed to be kept throughout one's everchanging ritual, J. Hannah pieces focus on craft and timelessness.

Hair styling on Neyon by Ryan Lopes using the Edge Styler®

 Neyon Tree 4C Edges

Baby Hairs and Braids

A note from J.Hannah Founder Jess Hannah:

"We were honored to create this special film with Neyon earlier this fall - a truly collaborative process that came together after years of following each other's work. When we reached out to Neyon, she had developed the film's premise with the plan to "execute it myself from thing led to another, we put together an amazing team, and decided to shoot in a friend's studio space [with a group of] other artists I adore..." We've long admired Neyon's beautiful work, how dance serves as its own communicative language through her movements and expression.

[Neyon] writes,
"As a child, I was quite shy, and had a hard time saying or expressing specific needs and emotions. Dancing & literature have always been my outlets, allowing me to [access] parts of myself I can't really tell in words. Tapping into deeper, more profound parts of body and soul through movement is what motivates me to continue to explore creatively."

Thank you to Neyon and our amazing team - so proud to collaborate with you all.


Neyon 4C Edges Pole

Best Edge Brush for 4C Edges

Best for 4C Edges