How To Take Care Of Your Edges: Top 7 Tips

As much as we love styling our baby hairs, it's majorly important to care for them too. We've put together this list because we're in the business of keeping your edges from being snatched away. Here are our seven tips on how to take care of your edges, while using our Edge Styler®.

1. Use Enriching Ingredients

natural hair products for hair growth

Understanding the ingredients you use for your hair helps you to nurture it better and natural ingredients are a great place to start.


Castor oil is well known in communities of color for its hair thickening properties and it’s particularly useful for hairline fullness. Aloe vera and biotin are also often mentioned in hair and edge discussions, so they’re also worth considering to incorporate into your day-to-night hair ritual.


We also know that essential oils like tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, and flaxseed all have stimulating features that can be used along with protein or carrier oil treatments to help revive your tresses. These daily treatments are specifically designed to help strengthen your strands, and protect it from breakage.

2. Scalp Massages To Take Care Of Your Edges

Hair Massage for edges growth

Taking care of your scalp creates a healthy environment for your hair to truly thrive.


That’s why regular scalp massages are helpful, along with daily oil treatments, in stimulating blood circulation to your scalp, which in turn aids in promoting hair growth for your luscious locks.


Using oils to massage your scalp after a cleansing also helps your roots and works at tackling dryness, dandruff, and any flakes around your baby hairs.

3. Use Hairline-Friendly Tools To Take Care Of Your Edges

Baby Tress Edges Styler

Baby Tress Edge Styler®

The tools you use to care for your edges can really impact how well it grows. Our Edge Styler® includes a Pointed Tip designed to gently section hair. On top of this, it features a Comb Side and Natural Boar Bristles to creatively and softly detangle and swoop your baby hairs.


Styling your edges with a tool not explicitly designed for your delicate tresses could have harmful long-term consequences. And no one wants to lose their edges.


So, at Baby Tress, our edge control brush is specifically designed for your hairline. Now you can rest assured that you're using the right tool for the right purpose when laying your edges. And you have a whole community behind you, cheering you on as you journey to flourishing edges!


A few tips we have for you when using the Edge Styler® is to be as gentle as possible and soften the bristles if needed with hot water. Click here for the tutorial.


We also highly suggest cleaning this edge tool regularly to prevent product build-up and remove debris. Lastly, you should also wash all the product from your hairline while cleansing the skin before heading to bed. This helps you to achieve that clean, sleek look that we all know and love.

4. Restrict Tight Hairstyles To Take Care Of Your Edges

natural hairstyle

We've all heard of the term ''protective hairstyles'', but did you know that some of these are actually far from protective and can damage your hair when used too frequently?


Regularly having tight hairstyles that pull on your edges can only do more harm than good. These styles include high buns, tight braids, weaves and lacefront wigs.


The solution to losing your edges is to wear these styles in moderation. Prioritizing styles that are soft on your scalp is also a way to avoid these harmful hairstyles. Twist-outs and other natural hair favorites, for example, allow space for your scalp and edges to breathe.


So, take note of how your hair is feeling. Ask yourself if you are gradually noticing less hair around your edges. If the answer’s yes, you can take this as a sign to ease up.

5. Use Edge Control in Moderation

laid edges

Following on from tight hairstyles, edge control should be used moderately. Product build-up on your baby hairs, scalp and forehead can lead to symptoms that mimic seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, and eczema.


Again, remember to wash away all products when you’re doing your nightly skincare routine to clear away any old edge control gel.

6. Night Protection

There's no better time to give your edges rest than during the night.


Leaving your hair in a free state when you sleep, covered by a satin hair scarf, for example, eliminates any tension against your edges overnight. This then helps the longevity of your hair line; a goal we all have in mind.

7. Consult A Professional

If you’re currently suffering from hair loss, it may be worth consulting a trichologist or a dermatologist. They could help identify if you have a medical condition causing this. Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (or CCCA) is a hair loss condition that predominantly affects black women, for example. Being postpartum or using specific hair products are also other possible causes of hair loss.


Hair health is a major part of fulfilling flourishing edges. Just as you'd visit the doctor if you were concerned about your physical health, the same approach should be taken with your hair too! A medical expert can give you advice tailored to your situation to help your hair care journey.

 Baby Tress Edge Styler

We hope these tips aid you on your way to thriving edges when using the Edge Styler®. 


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