How to Do Edges with the Edge Styler™
Many of us have similar baby hair origin stories - an old, dirty toothbrush, some edge control, some bobo's/wrap-arounds/knockers, and some barettes. And still, there are many of us who are new to exploring the culture of swooped edges. If you're new here, welcome! Edge Styling has a rich history with many decades and people between now and those who first sculpted out this detail. One of the best parts about stying baby hair is that you can create your own flavor just by using a little technique. Check out our step-by-step guide one how to do edges with the 3-in-1 Edge Styler ™!

The Basics

We like to sum up laying baby hair in 3 simple steps:
1. Slick using the Comb Side
2. Swoop using the Brush Side
3. Define with the Pointed Tip
But of course, there's a finess to it. First, you want to start by clearing hair away from the hairline by tucking your hair behind your ear or pulling your hair into a ponytail. This way, you can see the edges clearly as well as make room for swirls and swoops.

The Foundation

Next, take your Baby Tress Edge Styler ™ and, using the Comb Side, separate and slick your edges forward. Doing this will give you a full view of what you're about to style. After this step, you'll use your choice edge control gel to set the foundation before creating shapes.

The Swoop

Now for the fun part. Using the natural boar Bristle Side & a finger, begin by brushing freshly gelled edges down and back in a slight, sweeping motion. You may need to gently brush the hairs a few times to get them in the exact position you want. Repeat this motion on each swoop section as you work your way down the hairline, using a finger to hold swoops as you brush and swoop.

The Finishing Touches

After you have your edges laid exactly how you want them, you can use the Pointed Tip to perfect any hairs that need to be nudged into place. The Pointed Tip is also great for finalizing side burn swirls because you can twirl the fine, loose ends and place them with just a flick of the wrist.
Consider yourself officially laid. And now that you're down with the swirls, tag us in your #BabyTress shots on the gram.

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