Styling a Satin Scarf

If there's anything we'll always be passionate about, it's maintaining and improving our hair care routine. When it comes to tools and products, it's hard not to go to unmatched levels of dedication to ensure that we're not only styling our crowns but doing it unapologetically. We've created a new tool, the Edge Setting Scarf, to protect your edges while also keeping them styled and in place so that every look has a flawless execution. Use it after our OG Edge Styler® has swooped and slicked all of your face-framing pieces. Did we mention how eye-catching it is too? The soft, stretch charmeuse fabric paired with the dual-sided, flowy print adds a luxe psychedelic element to every look regardless of the outfit or hairstyle. It's the headscarf you won't want to take off before you arrive at the function, when you take a flight, or when you have to run to the store.

We could go on and on about what an asset this product is to your everyday beauty rituals, but we can show you better than we can tell you. If you're looking for an accessory to carry you through the seasons, shop our newest merch drop and keep scrolling for four ways to incorporate our very functional Edge Setting Scarf into your look.

The Belt:

Choose which side of the scarf you would like to be shown and make sure that side is visible. Take the end of the scarf and slide it through all of your belt loops. Tie it into a bow or double knot it, depending on your preference. The swirl print adds a fun element to a simple outfit.

Scarf Belt Tutorial

The Knotted Headband:

Put your hair in a high or low bun, placing the Edge Setting Scarf's center at the nape of your neck. Take the ends and cross them one way, then one more time back the other way to form a knot at the center of your hair. Tie the loose ends underneath your bun and tuck as needed.

Knotted headband tutorial

The Bag Tie:

Take a purse with a firm handle and fold your scarf in half. Wrap the folded scarf around the handle and begin twisting. Tie a knot around the handle and finish off with a bow, or you can opt to leave the ends dangling.

Scarf tied on Purse

The Classic Headband:

Start with a low, middle-parted ponytail at the nape of your neck. Fold the scarf in half and rest it at the top of your head. Leave about two inches of space between the scarf and your forehead so that the part is visible. Tie the scarf in a double knot beneath your bun and bring the ends of the scarf to one side.

Classic Headband scarf