edge control brush for natural hair

No matter where one is on their baby hair journey, the most asked question we get is, “What is the best edge control gel for natural hair?” Through events (remember those?), social media, & personal conversations, we talked to thousands of edge-layin’ folks with hair textures ranging from coily 4C edges to slick, long adult hairs about their beauty rituals.

Through those conversations, we realized this: edge controls work best when customized. Much like the rest of our beauty routines, most of us have at least 3 edge controls that we rely on for different styles when using the Edge Styler®. To find the edge control gels that work best for your edges, you first have to understand the different consistencies of gel products and what their functions are. Within each of these edge gel textures, peep a list of the top edge control gels for hair textures ranging from 4C edges to 2A tendrils. Side note: you can also follow these handy markers to find edge controls for 4type hair & black-owned shops and products:

  • best edge gels for 4C hair in gold.
  • Black & POC owned brands in blue

The 4 main edge controls for natural hair types are gelée, pomade, spritz & cream.

Gelée - the texture of goo. 

This type of edge gel is ideal for defining and sculpting your baby hairs into the “S” and “C” swooped shapes we love. When more hold is needed, a gelée is also perfect as a foundation to build on, especially for type 4 curlier and kinkier baby hairs. In some forms, gelée edge gels leave a light luster, but using too much can leave your edges flaky - which is a hard NO for us.

Gelee Edge Control

Fan favorite gelées

  1. Bomb Goo Gel from She Is Bomb Collection
  2. Eco Styler from Bronzed N Glow
  3. Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Slay and Lay Edge Gel from Beaute Anthologie
  4. Got2B Extra Glued from Textured Tech
  5. Gorilla Snot from BEAUTYBEEZ
  6. X-treme Wet Gel from Target
  7. ALOE BERRY STYLING GEL by Alikay Naturals
  8. CurlMix with Flaxseed Gel
  9. PURE~FRO® HOLD AND SHINE SERUM by Vernon François 

Pomade - the texture of wax. 

This kind of edge control has a thicker, tackier consistency and is the most widely used for textured 3 and 4 type hair. A pomade has been the resounding favorite for decades because it has the ability to hold curls without causing the hair to curl back up like a gelée sometimes does. An Edge Styler® and good pomade will keep your hairline locked all day, and this kind of edge control is well equipped to lock in moisture. Remember, though: using too much could leave your hairline & your skin greasy, so go lightly.

Fan favorite pomades

    1. Diamond Edges Black Panther from Textured Tech
    2. Bask & Bloom
    3. Swag Goo from BEAUTYBEEZ
    4. Eden Bodyworks from Erica's Beauty Shop
    5. Super Hold Retwist Gel (Dry Gel) from Fashiondreads
    7. Enthroned Edges by Arcani
    8. Style Factor Edge Booster from Textured Tech
    9. Hicks from Marsh + Mane
    10. She Is Bomb Wax Stick
    11. Murrays Edgewax Extreme Hold at 4thecultr

Pomade Blush Edge Styler

Spritz / Mousse - the texture of frothy water.

On its own, spritz and mousse are amazing at calming flyaways and perfecting the slickest of updos. Those of you with wavy and straight baby hairs could use this edge control on its own for quick touch-ups. To set the final look for 3 & 4 type edges, spritz baby hairs lightly after styling with the Edge Styler®, then use a setting scarf to lock the style in place. 

Fan favorite spritz'

  2. Got2B Freeze Spray from BEAUTYBEEZ
  3. Fuse Foam by She is Bomb
  4. TGIN Hydrating Mousse from Erica’s Beauty Shop
  5. Kim Kimble Curl Whip Mousse

Cream - the texture of butter.

Creams are also referred to as pomades, molds, or pastes. This edge control is opaque when applied, but the color will melt away as you brush it in.

Oribe Sculpting Mold

Fan favorite creams

  1. Mielle Organics from Erica's Beauty Shop
  2. Oyin Shine & Define Gentle Styling Serum from Marsh + Mane
  3. Mizani Lived In Edge Sculpting Paste from Sephora
  4. Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Wax at Nordstrom
  5. Baomint Moisturizing Curl Defining Cream by Adwoa Beauty

Things to Remember When Using Edge Gel

  1. Less is more. Your edges are delicate and too much of any product will lead to a mess.
  2. Take care of your hair and skin. We recommend cleansing product from your hairline every night during your skin routing. And be sure to wash your Edge Styler® every other week (or sooner if needed) to clear away old product buildup. 
  3. Every hair texture is unique in its needs. Feel free to experiment, mix and layer edge controls to find your customize hold, just like you might do with foundation. But remember tip #1
  4. Go the extra mile by setting your edges with a setting scarf as the last step in baby hair styling.
  5. Be mindful of fragrance, alcohols, and other irritants. There are many factors that contribute to the loss of edges, which we'll get to in another blog, but ingredients are the simplest to correct. Be mindful of what your hairline won't tolerate and remove it from your ritual.

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