How to Clean your Edge Styler®

Why should I clean my brush?

Laying edges and taming flyaways is as much about skincare as it is about hair care. Keeping your Edge Styler® clean is essential for keeping a healthy scalp and calm forehead. Boar bristles brushes are the best at distributing natural oils down the strand because they have properties similar to human hair. Over time, however, product build-up in the bristles and comb can lead to bacteria or fungi that cause breakouts and the thinning or loss of edges.

In addition to cleaning your hairline during your nightly skincare routine to remove old products and excess sebum, keeping your styler clean makes for easily laid edges whenever you want them. Learn how to keep your Edge Stylers® fresh and extend the life of your favorite edge brush below:


clean comb before and after

When should I clean my Edge Styler®?

  • When bristles get stiff
  • When the product gets flakey.
  • When lint and hair start to stick and pile up in the comb and bristles.
  • If it starts to smell funky.


How do you deep clean an edge control brush?

It’s simple, just grab a few things & head to the sink:

Remove your Travel Cap, then from here:

  1. Use a pin or toothpick to loosen any hair between the natural boar bristles & comb. This is easiest to do when the brush is still dry.
  2. Rinse the brush.
  3. Apply a gentle shampoo or cleanser directly to the brush head or to the palm of your hand.
  4. Lather the Edge Styler® in the cleanser to remove all of the product build-up, excess sebum, and other gross debris. Gently massage the bristles with your fingers. Use the pin or toothpick as needed to get any last particles out. Then, lather the Comb Side, body, and Pointed Tip. Don’t forget to clean the Travel Cap as well!
  5. Completely rinse the brush, then set it on a towel to dry.
  6. For an even more sanitized clean while it’s drying, lightly mist the tool with a spray bottle filled with alcohol or ACV & water after cleansing.
  7. After it dries, Replace the plastic cap.

clean edge control brush

How often should I clean it?

We recommend cleaning your Edge Styler® as often as you would clean your makeup brushes. You can also gauge it based on how often you lay your baby hairs. This generally falls between 4 to 10 days and is unique to everyone’s beauty ritual.

Clean Edge Brush

Boar Bristle Brush before and after

How can I keep my brush clean?

Use the Travel Cap! Keeping it covered when it’s not in use is the best way to keep the edge tool free from the gunk.

edge brush with cap

When is it time to replace my Edge Styler®?

While very minimal shedding is normal with natural boar bristle brushes, if the bristles begin to fall out in chunks or if the comb prongs begin to break and fall out, it’s time to upgrade your beauty arsenal.

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