how to lay sideburn edges

There’s no denying the influence held by the trends of the past on today’s beauty ideals. Swirling sideburns ain’t new. Dating back to the flapper era, kiss curls, a.k.a spit curls, continue their reign supreme in the beauty space, having a near-daily part in many women’s everyday hairstyles. A kiss curl is a spiral curl that lays flat against the cheek or forehead and has historically been slicked down using saliva, lotion, or soap. This intricate hairstyle seamlessly weaves together baby hairs and sideburns, removing sideburns from the category of “unwanted hair”, and merging it with the edges that we look forward to styling.


While the kiss curl itself has not changed much in its one-hundred-plus-years of existence, the current styling pattern has evolved into a multistep process that requires a little bit more than your fingers and saliva. What was once paired with finger waves and pin curls, now adorns slick updos, braided hairstyles, and intricate runway looks. To learn how to swirl your sideburns, all you need is our 3-in-1 Edge Styler®, your go-to smoothing product, and a little bit of patience to achieve this iconic look. Keep scrolling for a step-by-step look at how to achieve the kiss curl.

Step 1.

Decide how big or small you would like your kiss curl by combing the hair away from your ear. This will help pull your hairline forward and begin the formation of that ‘S’ shape. If you have long edges, you can achieve this look using a smaller portion of hair. Add or remove strands as needed using the Comb Side of your Edge Styler®.


Step 2.

Apply your product of choice to the Natural Boar Bristle side of the Edge Styler® and begin brushing, shaping, and smoothing your sideburns in a scooping direction away from your ear then back towards it. If your strands are looser, opt for a mousse or spritz to slick the hair down and if they’re tighter, opt for a strong-hold pomade or gel.


Step 3.

Continue brushing the hair in a curvy, zigzag motion. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to flatten the previously brushed strands and to help solidify the ‘S’ shapes. Apply a bit more product, as needed.


Step 4.

Flip your Edge Styler® and use the Pointed Tip to apply additional details to the curl. This step will help lock the curl in place and mold the finer pieces as you reach the end. Add more product to the Pointed Tip as needed, and use a combination of your fingers and the Edge Styler® to finalize the shape.


Step 5.

Once you’ve created your desired kiss curl pattern on the first side, repeat these steps on the other sideburn to complete the final touches to your hairstyle.


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