best 4c edge control brush

It’s no secret that maintaining and styling 4C hair requires more than your average wide tooth comb, leave-in conditioner, and bobby pins. While these tools are necessities in the haircare starter pack, they don’t account for the many hours spent in front of the mirror combining products to achieve a sleek look, only for your edges to frizz up right before leaving the house. Styling your edges is an art form and this intricate process deserves the best tools and products.

We’re here to alleviate some of the trial and error with the help of our 3-in-1 Edge Styler® and a fool-proof edge control for your hair type. As our hairstyles evolve and become more innovative, one thing remains constant: the love for laying our edges. Whether you learned how to lay your baby hairs at a young age or recently discovered a newfound relationship with them, you can perfect your routine with these products. Grab your Edge Styler® and keep scrolling for strong-hold, long-lasting, and flake-free edge controls that will swoop and lay your 4C edges.

1. Enthroned Edges #RUBCHALLENGE

arcani edge control gel

If you’ve ever seen the viral #RubChallenge hashtag as you scroll through your Instagram explore page, customers are referring to Arcani’s Enthroned Edges Long Lasting Edge Control. This Black-owned product dries quickly after applying and is best known for staying in place even after rubbing your fingers across the hair. According to the 4C community, it is sweat-proof and lasts up to three days if your hair is wrapped at night.

2. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges 

creme of nature edge control

Infused with natural ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, and pure honey, Creme of Nature’s newly formulated edge control will give your 4C hair the moisture it requires. The non-greasy formula will hold your edges down for up to 24 hours all while conditioning, adding shine, and maintaining your sleek style without any buildup.

3. IAmBlessedHands Fast Drying Edge Control 

iamblessed hands edge control

Iamblessedhands Superior Edges Edge Control is a Black-owned alcohol-free product that contains all-natural ingredients. Despite its fast-drying quality, this edge control is not prone to flaking and does not require reapplication.

4. 24 Hour Edge Tamer - Extreme Firm Hold 

24 hour edge tamer

If you’re tired of having to keep your scarf on in the car before arriving at your destination, this product is perfect because the extreme firm hold is almost instant upon application. Lay your edges down without worrying about residue, frizziness, or greasiness.

5. Hicks Edges Pomade 

hicks edge control

Hicks hair care products have remained a staple in Black households and beauty supply stores since the 70s, making this a must-try product. The water-based Edges Pomade temporarily straightens and smooths your edges, keeping it firm and in place for hours.

6. She Is Bomb Collection Fast Drying Edge Control 

she is bomb edge control

The name says it all. She Is Bomb Collection Fast Drying Edge Control’s paste-like texture locks all of the flyaways in place without leaving a white cast or flakes. Apply a small amount of product to your edge styler and use it on damp clean hair for the best results.

7. Olive Oil Edge Control 

ors olive oil edge control

It’s impossible to walk into your local drugstore without seeing ORS’s Olive Oil products, and for good reason. The extra hold edge control is made with wheat protein that will protect the hairline and prevent breakage all while keeping your edges sleek and controlled in all kinds of weather.


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