Baby Heir Speaks: Brittany Wilson of The Idea Girl

In the Baby Heir Speaks Series, we rep the baby hair set: a coterie of beauty girls who are entrepreneurs, artists, and all around interesting and intentional human beings. Here, we ask 9 questions focused on edges, rituals, self-care and all the details that make them meaningful. This week, we're choppin' it up with Brittany Wilson, CEO and Creative Director of The Idea Girl.

opening the baby tress edge styler

When did you first style your baby hairs? Who taught you?

I began styling my baby hairs at 11, also the age where my mom stopped doing my hair. Although it was freedom, it was frustrating styling a head full of thick curly hair, so most of the time i wore my hair up in a bun - which lead to the experimentation of styling my baby hairs.

Who’s the first person you remember styling their edges?

The first person I remember styling her edges was my aunt Natalie. She had a striking resemblance to Chili from TLC with baby hairs that were almost identical. I would always watch my aunt in awe as she would pin up her hair in a bun.

What edge products do you use?

Typically, I'll use a gel pomade of some sort, but right now I'm using a Cantu gel.

How do you use beauty as self care?

I love pampering myself, my beauty routine is my self-care routine and ultimately my beauty is the way I choose to see myself. When I feel good, I look good and I get more beautiful when I view myself this way.

Brittany brushes her edges

Tell us your beauty ritual.

My skin care routine is simple but layered. I start off by cleansing my face with Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser and then follow up with Glossier Super Bounce for extra moisture. To keep my skin free of dark marks, I use The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% a few times a week at night time. From there, I follow up with either Glossier Priming Moisturizer mixed with a bit of Basebutter Face Jelly during the day time or I use Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. I always finish with Glossier Invisible Shield [sunscreen].

Brittany Swoops Her edges

What songs are you listening to when you’re doing your beauty ritual?

Anything Burna Boy. The Box - Roddy Ricch. The Worst in Me - Katranada ft. Tinashe. I Want You Around - Snoh Alegra. Gangsta - Darkco.

Define what elevation is to you.

Being able to rise above the occasion, no matter who's at fault. To me, accountability and elevation are syncretized.

Brittany swirls her sideburns

 Describe your highest self in 3 words.

Transcendent. Limitless. Multidimensional.

Tell us 1 really surprising detail about yourself.

I know how to make Pokemon Sounds.