8 Moms on Getting Through Postpartum Hair Loss

We’ve got babies on the brain at Baby Tress HQ. So many of us have become mothers over the past few years, & we have suddenly entered the chat on postpartum hair loss, something humans who have not birthed don’t hear of too often. But what is Postpartum shedding, and what does it have to do with baby hairs? We reached out to some of our new-mom friends for their experience. 

But what is Postpartum shedding, and what does it have to do with baby hairs?

Postpartum hair loss is a common form of temporary shedding that usually happens about three months after birth. Large clumps of hair may find their way into your everyday brushes or the shower drain. Some women experience fewer clumps and more thinning around the hairline affecting their edges in a way that resembles breakage. It sometimes comes as a surprise because pregnancy usually causes your hair to be even more thick and luscious than it was before expecting. When your hormones fall back to normal and estrogen levels drop, your strands tend to follow suit. This process is natural, temporary, and completely manageable. 

Read below for the details on how our friends went with the flow of their shedding experience:

1. Tamara Ramirez, NYC



​​I started to notice shedding after about 3 months postpartum when I stopped breastfeeding. It's now been 7 months, and I am still dealing with it. Just know it’s temporary and it will regrow! You see the little flyaways and just use the Baby Tress brush to tame them! They will eventually regrow.


Overall, my beauty ritual changed a lot, especially in the first few months! The first few months with a newborn were a lot. Most days, I didn’t even have time to brush my hair. Now I am back to washing it once a week and using all my products. I have my weeks some I style it, and others I don’t have time so I put my hair up in a bun.

2. Lindsay Mirchin-Robinson, NYC

My shedding started around 4month pp and stopped at 6 months. At 9 months pp, I started to notice little baby hairs growing back. My simple way to get through it is to brush your hair before getting in the shower. The clumps that come out when you wash are traumatizing, and brushing removes a lot of it without seeing it like [as a clump].

[On how her beauty ritual has changed] I chopped it short because I have to pull it back 24-7 with the baby. I wash it once a week and blow dry/style it - then after a few days it’s a messy bun. If I have to wash it more than once a week I let it air dry bc I don’t want to spend my free time styling it.

3. Lindsey Farrar of CRWNMAG, Texas



I shed with my firstborn a bit. My second is only 2 months and I haven’t had any shedding just yet. Fingers crossed! I think I noticed it about 4 months with my first, then I felt like I was back to normal closer to 6 or 7 months. It wasn’t super dramatic but I did see more shed when I’m in the shower! My best tip for getting through it is NUTRITION! Keep taking any supplements you were taking during pregnancy and eat tons of fruits & veggies. Sneak them in wherever you can (in a smoothie, on a sandwich/wrap, etc.). Consider taking vitamin E capsules. And do your best to lean on your support system and keep stress to a minimum!

[On how her beauty ritual changed] I chopped [my hair] really short when I was pregnant the first time! I didn’t want to have to deal with a bunch of hair/product/dry time. Now that I have 2 babies under 2 I have even less time for fuss! I keep it short (during the height of the pandemic I used clippers 😳) and I swear by Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Curly Magic.

4. Stella Wang, New Jersey



I started to experience postpartum shedding around month 3 after giving birth. And I am still experiencing it (currently in month 5). Some of my friends said that it will come back after 8-9 months. My best tip for dealing is to minimize manipulation of your hair (heat tools, brush, chemicals). I don't have any better tips since I am still experiencing it right now lol

[How did becoming a mom change your hair ritual?] I've switched to hair products that add body and volume to my hair since my hair is silky straight, and lost the overall body and shape. I've minimized heat styling tools on my hair, and avoid brushing my hair too often etc. Overall just less manipulation of my hair.

5. Meena Pak, London UK

My major shedding came after I stopped breastfeeding each child. The hair would start falling after my nursing would taper, at around 6 months, and then accelerated to the inevitable end at around one year postpartum. After that, the hair would return like newly growing grass (imagine short hairs everywhere on your head, especially up top).

Becoming a mom changed my hair ritual because I became much more conscious of what I put on my hair in terms of shampoos and conditioners and I cherish your hair more. I have also not worn my hair past my shoulders since becoming a mother as short hair looks fuller.

6. Raven Chanel, NYC



I didn’t experience postpartum shedding, but I think the mindset is key - knowing that your body worked so hard to give your baby what it needs to thrive, should help you cope with the loss of hair. With proper nutrition and healthy habits, it should go back to normal. Luckily with all the advancements in alternative hair and hair extensions, there are plenty of options to try out. I also think with a newborn, it’s best to have protective styles, especially within the first 6 months, because your primary focus is meeting your baby’s needs. Along with your other responsibilities, worrying about hair each day can be stressful.

Looking for a way to slick those stubborn flyaways as they regrow?

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