Best 4C Edge Control Gel

Mimi here! I’m sharing my top 5 edge control gels for 4B/4C hair. I’ve tried so many gels over the years that I’ve lost count, but the 4B / 4C hair community has spoken! When we want to lay our edges, we want them to last all day. These are the top 5, tried-and-true gels for sleek, swooped, and defined baby hairs that will last longer than an Uber ride to brunch. Looking for a list of the best edge gels for all natural hair textures? Check out these 4 Textures of Edge Control Gel for Natural Hair.

1. Edge Booster

Style Factor Edge Booster

My current favorite. Style Factor’s Edge Booster is all the rage at the moment. I’ve been using it for the past year, and I love it! A favorite amongst 4B / 4C naturalistas and hairstylists, this thick pomade is great for laying down edges without them curling up or moving out of place. A bit of advice: a little goes a long way. To avoid a white film, use this edge control sparingly.

2. Gorilla Snot

This gel on its own it's alright, but I like to use Gorilla Snot for the second layer to my 4B / 4C edge slay. Think of it as the setting powder to your concealer. Pro tip: After applying, tie your hair down with a scarf for a hold that will last up to two days!

3. Mane Choice Hair Type 4 Leaf Clover Stubborn Edges Freezing Gel

The name says it all! This gel comes in a convenient tube and is not here to play games with stress or sweat!

4. Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

This edge gel is a true favorite among the 4B / 4C community! Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste does exactly what it claims to do. And this gel is great for both your edges and your kitchen (aka the hair at the nape of the next).

5. Wet Line Xtreme Gel

Out with the old and in with the new! A new fave on the scene is the Wet Line Xtreme Gel, and it’s flying off the shelves! Extreme hold for $3? I’m here for it!
Pro-Tip: The gel is “wet” and will cause your hair to curl up. I suggest using this if you’re setting your edges overnight with some Gorilla Snot and a silk scarf.


Put me on! Comment your favorite edge control gels for 4C hair, which one you're currently using and your favorite gel combos. Let’s discuss in the comments. Looking for edge control gels for all hair textures?

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