Through the Edges: Hairlines in Hip Hop

Introducing our newest series Through the Edges - an ode to the legacy of baby hairs. First up, we're paying hommage to most laid ladies of Hip Hop. This list is in no particular order, nor is it all inclusive. But what a better way to celebrate Women's History Month than by remembering the legacy of baby hair in music, specifically within rap. Hold onto your edges and press play, as we dedicate this time to a trip down memory lane.

Missy Elliot

No baby hair list is complete without Missy "Misdeameanor" Elliot. The rapper/singer/songwriter/dancer/producer has been serving up Afrofuturistic edges for three+ decades now and we're grateful that she's showing no signs of slowing.

Lady Of Rage

"I rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs." Need we say more?



Image: Instagram @theladyofrage_ on set for the movie "Ride"

Sistah Soulja

Sistah Soulja was not only a hip hop artist, but also an outspoken activist, author and film producer, using her platform to call attention to racial, economic and gender inequalities. And through all of that, she still somehow found the time for some proper edge laying.

Sista Souljah Image by Anthony Barboza
Image by Anthony Barboza

Young M.A.

Ok, so Young M.A. doesn't technically lay her baby hairs. But when do you ever see her without a fresh edge up? Not ever.

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Bandsome 😏 @xxl issue

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Salt N Pepa

The Very Necessary hip hop trio had fly rhymes and even flyer styler, wearing everything from sharp, asymmetrical bobs to fingerwaves. And oh yes, there were plenty of baby hairs.


Lil Kim

The Hard Core rapper is the epidome of iconic. We still bow to The Queen Bee, who's reign forever changed rap, fashion and beauty.

Lil Kim Photo by Charlie Langella for King Magazine

Photo by Charlie Langella for King Magazine




Megan Thee Stallion

Tina Snow. Hot Girl Meg. Whatever you call the Houston native, you can never say she ain't that bish. 

Megan Thee Stallion Photo by Munachi Osegbu for Depop

Photo by Munachi Osegbu for Depop

Cardi B

Press play for waves that look like Money.

Da Brat

Two-strand twists, rainbow hair ties, barretts and baby hairs. Da Brat turned our girlhood aesthetic into a Funkdafied vibe. 




Rico Nasty

Do we even need to explain this? Rico is nasty in name, on the mic and with a Baby Tress Edge Styler.

Rico Nasty Sugar Trap Image by Felicia Abban for Rolling Stone

Image by Felicia Abban for Rolling Stone

Roxanne Shante

Roxanne was too slick wit it.   


Foxy Brown


Foxy Brown ‎Broken Silence Album Cover 2001

 Nicki Minaj



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