The Baby Hair Glossary

Just so we’re all on the same page, here's a glossary of our most used edges and baby hair related terms ;)

Baby Hair  [/ˈbābē/ /her/]


1. The shorter, finer hairs around your hairline. Some people may have them, some may not

    “Sometimes I lay my baby hairs, sometimes I don’t.”

    Edges [/ejs/]


    1. The hair on the perimeter of your hairline. These hairs may vary in length and thickness.

    “I don’t have baby hairs, I have edges!”

    Kiss Curl [/kis/ /kərl/]


    1. A lock of hair curled and pressed flat against the face

      “I want my side-burns to curl like Josephine Baker’s kiss curls



      Swoop [/swo͞op/]

      other variations include: swooped; sa-woop; sa-wooped
      1. The act of laying your baby hairs or edges in one downward and back motion
      “I prefer to swoop my baby hairs when I’m wearing my hair up”

      Swirl  [/swərl/]

      other variations include: swirled; swirly

      1. The act of laying your baby hairs or edges in a twisting or spiraling pattern

        “I swirled my edges to the gawds this morning!”

        Toothbrush [/ˈto͞oTHˌbrəSH/]


        1. A dental tool made for cleaning your teeth, but commonly used to lay edges

        2. The crusty thing you need to throw away

          “Girl, you need to toss your toothbrush and get an Edge Styler instead!”

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          On Fleek [/än,ôn/ /flēk/]

          other variations include: fleek; fleeky

          1. A term coined by @peaches__monroee

          2. Extremely good, fly AF, super poppin’

            “Her baby hairs stay on fleek!”



            Laid [/lād/]

            other variations include: lay

            1. The act of doing your baby hairs or edges

            “I laid my edges this morning with Got2Be and they’re still in place!”



            2. Of a high standard, good-looking, hot

            “Your edges are LAIDDD!”

            Edge Control [/ej/ /kənˈtrōl/]

            synonyms: edge gel

            1. A hair product that slicks, holds down, lays back your edges or baby hairs

              “This edge control better do its job.”

              Slick [/slik/]

              other variations include: slicked

              1. The act of smoothing your edges or baby hairs.

              Rattail Comb [/rat tāl/ /kōm/]


              1. a comb for hair that has a narrow, pointed handle.

                “I don’t need a rattail comb to do my edges anymore because my Baby Tress Edge Styler has a pointed tip!”



                Wave Cap /wāv/ /kap/

                Synonyms: stocking cap; durag

                1. A piece of cloth worn over the hair to protect or create waves.

                “I like to wear my silk wave cap at night to protect my hair.”

                Bonnet /ˈbänət/

                Synonyms: scarf; head scarf

                1. A cinched piece of cloth worn over the hair to protect it from tension and breakage.

                “Sometimes I forget to put my bonnet on at night and I always regret it in the morning.”

                Boar Bristles /bôr brisəls/


                1. Soft and flexible bristles that come from a wild boar.

                “My Edge Styler has soft boar bristles that are perfect for swooping my edges!”

                Have any edges or baby hair related terms you think should be added to this list? Comment them below!

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                I think you guys should add “sleek” to the glossary as well, I’d like to see how you define that lol.

                Ariell March 18, 2020

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