Swirl The Boundaries

The baby hair toothbrush was to swooped edges what the durag is to the 360 wave: necessary, nostalgic, and deeply American, twisting its Black and LatinX roots through the beauty rituals of folk from southern Los Angeles, across the South, up into the boroughs of New York City and beyond. But while the toothbrush isn’t broken, it also isn’t what it could be for our most delicate tresses. And the Baby Tress Edge Styler is much more than a toothbrush; it’s not a fix, but a functional elevation.

At the launch of the Baby Tress brand, we set out to show what can an Edge Styler brush do by capturing the swirling and playful emotion of the subtle, and often not-so-subtle, details that have rolled through our hairlines for decades. Swirl the Boundaries all came together with a team of rockstar creative women. It was a full day of deep conversations, experimental hairstyles, and plenty of positive feminine energy. And there wasn't a toothbrush in sight.

Hair by Nigella Miller using Baby Tress
Makeup by Mimi Quiquine
Creative Direction by Shannon Kennard
Produced by Patrice Jackson
Wardrobe by SoftWild Shop 
Accessories by We Who Prey

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