13 Black-Owned & Latinx-Owned Beauty Supply Shops

As we enter a new holiday season, more and more of us are looking to support beauty brands that align with our identities. Where we spend our money matters. Supporting founders-of-color is not only the necessary act of treating ourselves, it’s an answer to the calls-to-action for elevating our communities.

Finding beauty brands that are BIPOC-owned is tricky if you're looking to shop in-person, but shout out to the internet for bringing us all a little closer together. In the age of Covid, shopping online for Black-owned beauty brands is only a short series of clicks away. So, we've compiled a list of 13 Black-Owned and Latinx-Owned Beauty Supply Stores to support this holiday season. These shops carry all the BIPOC indie brands we all love - including yours truly - and they deserve our coins. This list is in no particular order!

Click here if you wanna see our full stockist list, which includes salons, lifestyle boutiques, and more. Check out the list below to support these small Black-owned & Latinx owned beauty brands.


13 Black-Owned and Latinx-Owned Beauty Supply Stores to Support Right Now:

1. Erica’s Beauty Shop

Erica's Beauty Shop is the largest beauty store hosting haircare, skincare, men's care products, kids hair care products, makeup and hair tools + accessories created by Black and Latino founders.




BEAUTYBEEZ was created so women of color could shop, explore and play in a world full of beauty. Founded by Brittney Ogike in North Hollywood, CA, their mission is to champion inclusivity by building a community that celebrates multicultural beauty and offers the best in textured hair care, melanin skincare, brown girl beauty and tailored services, in an intentionally designed space for an elevated retail experience.



3. AMP Beauty

AMP Beauty LA is a tech-forward, Black woman-owned retailer on a mission to redefine beauty culture for all textures + all shades. Check out our Baby Heir Speaks interview with the 3 founders Angel, Phylicia and Montré.



 4. HEAP Store

Based in Melbourne, Australia, HEAP Store is a collection of beauty and grooming products that cater to the unique needs of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) and prioritize stocking products by BIPOC-owned businesses.



5. FASHIONDREADS by Nappstar

FASHIONDREADS is an exclusive shop curated for your loc journey created by Nappstar - a trailblazing Loc Salon located in New York, NY.



6. Textured Tech

Textured Tech is a premier beauty supply store located in Carson, California. Owned by Teryn McElroy, Textured Tech was created to fill the gap between black women being the primary patrons of hair care retail, and being virtually absent in the ownership space. The store highlights black owned beauty brands, and a wide array of products for both women and men.



7. Brown Beauty Co-Op

The Brown Beauty Co-op is a Washington, DC boutique that provides skincare, hair care and makeup for women and people of color. The boutique beauty supply store was created with the idea that natural hair shouldn't be that complicated and wearing your hair exactly as it grows out of your head should be a joy rather than a hassle.



8. The Essence of It

Founded by Chiohko Owens, The Essence Of It provides hair care products for all types of hair. Based in Newark, CA.



9. Bronzed N Glow

Bronzed N Glow is a modern twist to beauty supply retail w/ an emphasis on education located in Detroit, MI.



10. Shop Latinx

Shop Latinx is the leading marketplace for lifestyle & beauty products designed and created for the Latinx community!



11. Little Sister Shop

Little Sister opened in May 2019 to bring the green lifestyle to Tacoma, WA with the intention of having it accessible, easy and multi-faceted. They believe there is no one way to take care of yourself and they focus on goods that are non-toxic, made locally, natural, mission based and/or woman owned.



12. Marsh+Mane

Marsh+Mane was founded in Philadelphia, PA to create a beauty supply store that women actually looked forward to visiting. They boast a beautiful space that is inviting with knowledgeable staff and products that cater to every aspect of your wash-day routine. They believe that you should leave your beauty stores inspired, not frustrated.



13. Beauty Anthologie

Beauty Anthologie is an online store and pop up founded by hairstylist Niani B. They support naturalistas at every stage of their journey.



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