Baby Heir Speaks: Maaliyah Papillion, Energy Healer

In the Baby Heir Speaks Series, we rep the baby hair set: a coterie of beauty girls who are entrepreneurs, artists, and all around interesting and intentional human beings. Here, we ask 9 questions focused on how to swoop edges, rituals, self-care and all the details that make them meaningful. Today, we're chatting with Maaliyah Papillion. Maaliyah is a bicoastal actor, model and energy healer with a beauty ritual that she learned from her mom. Read her story, then tune into her guided meditation at the bottom.

When did you first style your baby hairs? Who taught you? 

My mom first taught me the art of laying my edges. I kept it through childhood and continue to mix it up today.


 Who's the first person you remember styling their edges?


I remember seeing FKA Twigs with these crazy swirls on her head and thought - wow that's cool!! 

What edge products do you use?


Homemade flax seed gel or Eco gel.

How do you use beauty as self care?


Self care = self love to me and its always a priority for me. It's my time to give back to myself.

Tell us your beauty ritual

I always do a face mask & deep condition on my hair while I soak in the bath tub.

What songs are you listening to when you're doing your beauty ritual?

Anything Maxwell.

Define what elevation is to you.

Elevation means rising above, learning and growing.

Describe your highest self in 3 words.

Compassionate, Experienced, Humorous

Tell us 1 really surprising detail about yourself.

I am a professional energy healer.




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