Baby Heir Speaks: Sidnee Omphroy, Hair Braider

In the Baby Heir Speaks Series, we rep the baby hair set: a coterie of beauty girls who are entrepreneurs, artists, and all around interesting and intentional human beings. Here, we ask 9 questions focused on how to swoop edges, rituals, self-care and all the details that make them meaningful. This time, we're talking to our bestie Sidnee Omphroy. Sidnee is a hairstylist and self-taught braiding wizard with Panamanian & Mexican roots who throws dope ass parties around Brooklyn and is the most energetic person you'll ever meet.

 When did you first style your baby hairs? Who taught you?

    Earlier in 2019. Youtube & Instagram [taught me], they were very poorly done until about the 4th or 5th time I tried.

     Who's the first person you remember styling their edges?

     Nicole Caceres, @ourownprivateidaho back in March. She is my most loyal client & close friend.

     What edge products do you use?

    Got2B Ultra glued ALL DAY!!

     How do you use beauty as self care?

     Self Care to me is anything that makes me feel centered and beautiful. Cornrowing my own hair makes me feel strong.

    Tell us your beauty ritual.


    I'm not very attached to my hair, so if I don't have braids, usually I just put shea butter, castor oil, and a little bit of hairspray & slick it back into a low center part bun.

    What songs are you listening to when you're doing your beauty ritual?

    If I'm getting ready for the day usually I'm facetiming my best friend. If it's for a date, ususally something more soulful like D'Angelo, Ari Lennox or Sza. If it's to go out, it's something HARD :)

    Define what elevation is to you.

    Elevation to me is creating a welcoming and inclusive space for POC. I want them to come into my space and feel cozy and safe.

    Describe your highest self in 3 words.

    Wise, loving, faithful

    Tell us 1 really surprising detail about yourself.

    I taught myself to braid on Youtube in December 2018. Once I got fired from my last salon in June 2019, that's when I started braiding seriously.



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