Baby Heir Speaks: Bria Lauren, Film Photographer

In the Baby Heir Speaks Series, we rep the baby hair set: a coterie of beauty girls who are entrepreneurs, artists, and all around interesting and intentional human beings. Here, we ask 9 questions focused on edges, rituals, self-care and all the details that make them meaningful. In this post, I'm introducing my girl Bria Lauren. Bria is a Houston native, born and raised in Third Ward. Film photography is her "chosen medium to translate unspoken vulnerability visually and create safe spaces for Black and Brown folk". She also co-creates with her partner in love and art, Morganne Nikole for their collective the htxpplproject. Oh, and she occasionally twerks on stage with Meg Thee Stallion, as one does.
 When did you first style your baby hairs? Who taught you?
    I first began styling my baby hair in high school. Your leave out + baby hairs had to be laid, it was like a black girl code. But my mama was the first person I watched put so much time & effort into it. She taught me. There is a certain level of precision that must exist in the process.

     Who's the first person you remember styling their edges?

     My Mama. I hope she can style mine again one day in this lifetime.

     What edge products do you use?

    Style Factor Edge Booster, Love & rosemary hair oil by Wearecharu.

     How do you use beauty as self care?

     Investing in my body & skin care each month is a way for me to communicate love to myself. It's important for me to prioritize what adds value to my health & wellness & play every now and again. A lil Fenty shimmer and lavender essential oil goes a long way.

    Tell us your beauty Ritual.

    I use manuka honey as a facial cleanser, twice a day. Every few days, I will make a tumeric & yogurt mask (I prefer Saturdays). Before applying a moisturizer, I spray rosewater on my skin with an affirmation. This step is essential to my ritual & if the energy is right, I may twerk in the mirror. Lastly, I apply Shea Terra Carrot Seed Oil with Lavender essential oil (2-3 drops). Afterwards, I make a hot tumeric tea wtih rosemary, mint, cinnamon, garlic, and honey. Yum, feels good writing this down!

    What songs are you listening to when you're doing your beauty ritual?

    Changing Womon Soft Tones Vol. 4. 99 & the 2000 classics. and Frankie Beverly and Maze.

    Define what elevation is to you.

    Elevation to me is meeting a new version of yourself without fear & accepting that the work to get there is forever evolving too.


    Describe your highest self in 3 words.

    Confident. Healer, Love.

    Tell us 1 really surprising detail about yourself.

    Bourbon makes my right eye lazy. Lol! I blame my daddy - he blessed me with that gene.


     htxpplproject's most recent work, BLACK MAMA'S, is on display for Project Row House's Artist Round 50: Race, Health, and Motherhood. The installation explores the maternal journey of a Black lesbian couple navigating the traditional and non-traditional health care system. BLACK MAMA'S is open to the public through Feb. 16th, 2020 at 2513 Holman Street Houston,Texas (Wed-Sun) 12-5pm. 


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