We Learned to Lay Edges from Mom

This week we're celebrating the women who've passed down the art of laying edges - our mothers. Since our launch in November 2018, we've listened to countless stories about how the ritual of baby hair styling has come through generations to the present. We all know how important this process is in the journey to become one's self. Our moms taught us to spend time on the details, to consider which edge products would work best for our hair, and to be independent in finding our own style (whether we were ready or not). 

We've rounded up some of our favorite quotes, comments, and visuals of the moms who taught us the importance of beauty as self-care. Tell us how your mom shaped your beauty ritual in the comments.


Yolanda Beck, Content Creator

"[I] started bonding with Ryann by doing her hair early! I think the earlier you start bonding the easier it will be to keep this time pleasant in their eyes." - Yolanda

Andrea Nowlin, Photographer (and mom to our Creative Director)

"I remember being in about the second grade. I didn’t like the way my mom would comb my hair so I started doing it myself. For me slicking the edges meant doing my hair at night and tying a scarf around it. When I got ready the next day and removed the scarf—them edges was slick." - Andrea

Shannon Kennard, Creative Director of Baby Tress

"I remember the first edge toothbrush my mom and I shared. It was clear green and we used it along with that black AmPro gel. That was back when I as in the 2nd grade and I first started doing my own hair. We've come a long way since then."

Bria Lauren, Film Photographer

"I first began styling my baby hair in high school. Your leave out & baby hairs had to be laid, its was like a black girl code. But my mama was the first person I watched put so much time & effort into it. She taught me there is a certain level of precision that must exist in the process." - Bria

Brittany Antoinette, CEO of The Idea Girl 

"I began styling my baby hairs at 11, also the age where my mom stopped doing my hair. Althought it was freedom, it was frustrating styling a head full of thick curly hair, so most of the time I wore my hair up in a bun which led to the experiementation of styling my baby hairs." - Brittany 

Bre Scullark, Founder of Urban Peace Squad

Maaliyah Papillion, Energy Healer

"My mom first taught me the art of laying my edges. I kept it through childhood and continue to mix it up today." - Maaliyah

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